Friday, May 10, 2013


Hello! I'm glad to see that you've made it to my blog, and you are most welcome. The first post will consist of getting to know each other. I'll start. My name is Janet and I am the creator of Just4YouGreetings and for Jan's Unique Novelties. Although I will be showcasing some of the products and such that I am involved with, my main blogging will be on Greeting Cards. We will talk about how to make greeting cards, how to come up with sayings for greeting cards and much more.
So let's talk a little about Just4YouGreetings. If you're like me you get tired of going from store to store only to see the same cards where ever you go. When I think of giving a greeting card to someone I want it to be unique, a one of a kind. So I started creating greeting cards for family and friends at first. They were very well received. If I did go out and buy a greeting card from the store it was met with disappointment. Now don't get me wrong it was appreciated, it just wasn't unique.
I slowly started creating greeting cards not only for family and friends, I also created them for co-workers and their loved ones. I created Just4YouGreetings for you and with you in mind. Currently I am adding cards and categories weekly. At Just4YouGreetings you will find holiday cards, birthday cards, get well cards, mother's day cards and much, much more.
I hope you enjoy looking around my blog.

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